Important works of the Bible Society of India

The goal of the Bible Society of India

‘God’s Word should reach all people,’ – is our goal. With this in mind, the Bibles are produced in each one’s own mother tongue, in the format they prefer and in the price they can afford. This divine work of the Bible Society of India is continuing its yeoman service for 200 years. Bible Society of India is also the handmaiden of the churches in India and caters to the needs of all the churches in India. With non-profit motive, the Bible Society of India is giving out its divine services to God’s people and also with full commitment.

Important works of the Bible Society of India

  1. Translation

  2. Production

  3. Distribution


  1. Translation 


In India, there are around 1852 languages which are recognized by the government of India. From these, full Bible has been translated into 72 languages. There are more languages remaining, which the Bible needs to be translated into. In the world today, we could see so many language groups are still anxious to receive the Word of God in their mother tongue.

In the early days, many of God’s people offered their lives for the translation of God’s Word. Viz., William Tyndale, John Hus, William Carey and Martin Luther. They were persecuted and martyred. Through this act, they offered the fullness of their lives for the sake of God’s Word. Among these God’s servants, Bartholomew Ziegenbalg is noteworthy. He was a German citizen. In 1706, he was sent from Denmark as a missionary to a place called Tranquebar in Tamilnadu.

Amidst many obstacles, he learned to read and write the Tamil language. This enabled him to translate the New Testament into Tamil. The first-ever New Testament in the Tamil language was published in 1711. The translation work which was started by Ziegenbalg came to a grand finish by Benjamin Schules. Finally, the full Bible in Tamil was published in the year 1728.

Over 300 years, we have been reading, studying and meditating on God’s Word in our mother tongue. Let us develop the thought that others should also inherit the same blessing which we have received. In Matthew 14:16, we see Jesus having compassion for the people who came in search of Him. He says to His disciples, “Give them something to eat.” It is an opportunity kept before us to offer to others, ‘God’s Life-Giving Food.’



The Bible Society of India publishes special varieties of Scripture to reach out to the many Indian citizens in their mother tongue, in a format they appreciate.

And especially, for people involved in gospel ministry, the Bible Society of India produces gospel portions, selections with different titles speaking to people with various issues they face in their daily life. It also produces special Bibles for children, youths, and the senior citizens. These are produced in various formats. Moreover, it also produces selections filled with verses of solace and comfort from God’s Word to the patients in hospitals with various health issues. The Bible Society of India has also brought out pocket-size Scripture portions for people without peace of mind. These special Scriptures carry with them energy filled verses of grace and mercy from the Bible.



The Bible Society of India produces Bibles in different formats. These are printed and distributed at subsidized rates (priced lesser than the original printing rates) appealing to the wishes of God’s people. It is also doing its yeoman service in sending the Bibles to their own destinations when people ask for it, which is part of the distribution.